Making Construal Environment (MCE)

The latest version of the online environment for making construals is now available here 


Click to open the environment for making construals


Basic guidelines:

  1. To try out the resources in the repository (some are still under development) you can left click on the pop up menu icon at the bottom right of the ‘input’ tab in the MCE (see picture below)


2. You can then select the ‘Browse Agents’ option (see picture below).


3.You can then use the tick boxes to select the construal you wish to load, and click the ‘Add’ button.


The construal will be represented by one or more tabs that appear in the input interface.

To run the script in a given tab, select the tab with the right mouse button and left click the ‘Run(force)’ option (see picture below).


You can load any construal that appear on the repository (bear in mind that some are under development).

For further guidance on how to use the environment for making construals (MCE), you are encouraged to load the ‘mce’ construal.  The ‘mce’ construal is actually a presentation with key information for beginners related to the environment.

Are you interested in storing your own project? Click here for detailed information.