The principal objective of CONSTRUIT! project is to promote ‘making construals’ as a new practice that promises to better support teachers and learners to create knowledge and solve conceptual problems with the support of digital tools. CONSTRUIT! framework has potential to address policy objectives, challenges and needs relevant to several fields of education, training and youth.

The objectives of the CONSTRUIT! Strategic Partnership are to:

  • Develop and refine the existing framework and tools, drawing on the pedagogical and technical expertise of the CONSTRUIT! consortium
  • Apply the framework in a number of educational contexts with a range of learners to explore and test its potential to enhance the teaching of computing/programming and other subjects
  • Refine the framework and tools in the light of its application in educational contexts and launch it as an open educational resource
  • Conduct experimental studies to evaluate the efficacy of the framework for supporting learning
  • Raise greater awareness of the critical impact of the mode of construction upon the qualities of software.
  • Promote the concepts underpinning ‘construal making’ via an international conference and the establishment of an online course which includes web resources that embody explanatory mechanisms that can be readily explored, extended, remixed and customised for personal use.
  • Disseminate the framework and tools through workshops, online publications and presentations, through social and contemporary media and a wide of other dissemination channels
  • Promote adoption of project outcomes in school and higher education through workshops in Greece, UK, Finland, Slovenia and the Netherlands