The project

CONSTRUIT! Making construals as a new digital skill for creating interactive open educational resources

ERASMUS+ Programme 2014, Key Action 2, Project number: 2014-1-UK01-KA200-001818

The CONSTRUIT! project aims at introducing new principles and tools for a computing practice that enables educators and learners to collaborate in creating live interactive resources (“construals”) that serve as personal, shareable ‘working models’ or understandings. Such a practice is more accessible than conventional programming but more expressive and powerful than conventional uses of ICT. Its adoption will lead to the online development of open educational resources that can be flexibly modified by educators and learners alike to give exceptionally rich support for blending educational practices combining instruction and construction.

The principal objective of CONSTRUIT! project is to promote ‘making construals’ as a new practice that promises to integrate and bring coherence to the dual perspectives on computing and on digital learning. The main project outcomes are foreseen to be: a curriculum for making construals, an open source online instrument for making construals, an online course on how to make construals, resources in the form of examples to illustrate e.g. how ‘construals’ can be used to create Open Educational Resources for a variety of target groups and application areas, reports contextualising ‘making construals’, relating it to other work, identifying its qualities and limitations and detailing its potential.

Case studies will take place in partner sites and online targeting learners of all ages: higher education students, school teachers and adults. The results will be documented to test the claims made for ‘making construals’.

The project started in September 2014 and runs for 3 years.