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C10 SciFest and C13 MCE joint staff training

C10 and C13 refer to two closely synchronised activities that took place at Joensuu in Finland in association with SciFest 2017, a yearly international festival which brings together thousands of schoolkids, high school students, and teachers to discover new experiences and

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C16 learning activity

C16 took place in Athens, Greece from March 29 to April 2, 2017. In the context of the C16 learning activity, the educational resources and the enhanced version of the JSEDEN environment were reviewed by the project partners. The primary concern

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C7 learning activity

This activity took place at the University of Warwick on December 8-15.  The focus of C7 learning activity was  the evaluation of Construit! resources by the participant higher education students from Slovakia and Finland.  For this reason lab sessions were scheduled

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C3 learning activity

The C3 learning activity took place in Finland from September 11th-15th 2016. The focus of C3 was on “experiencing and reflecting on the practical progress on making construals over year 2”. In summary, the agenda for C3 learning activity included

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C9 & C12 learning activity

C9 learning activity took the form of a workshop-style activity that  put  CONSTRUIT! team’s current ideas regarding making construals to the test with school pupils (targeting age 10-15 and 15+). The workshop activities carried out from May 10th to May 12th in

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C15 learning activity

C15 learning activity took place in Athens, Greece from Friday April 15th to Tuesday April 19th 2016. In the context of C15 learning activity ‘revised MC resources’ developed for C6 and the radically new version of the MCE were used with teachers and students.

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C6 learning activity

The Construit! team got together in Warwick (UK) on December 12-16, 2015 in the context of the C6 learning activity. The principal objective of C6 was to generate feedback to support the further development of the resources for Making Construals (MC).

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C2 learning activity

The C2 learning event was one component of an end of year Transnational Project Meeting that was held in Athens from September 19th-23rd, 2015. In the context of the transnational project meeting the CONSTRUIT! team planned and designed the C2 learning activity that

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C14 learning activity

The C14 learning activity  took place in Greece on May 6-10, 2015 targeting school teachers. The focus of the activity was to familiarize the school teachers with the construal making process and to gain an insight into their perceptions regarding the

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C8 & C11 learning activities

With the aim of engaging school age pupils in playing with construals and developing some basic understanding and skill in making construals, CONSTRUIT! ideas were presented through a workshop at the 9th SciFest science and technology festival that celebrated UNESCO International

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