Invitation: Virtual workshop on JS-EDEN

This Thursday 31st August  14.00 – 16.00 (BST) we organize a virtual workshop on JS-Eden! We hope this occasion will give support to gaining greater familiarity with the Making Construals Environment (MCE) which is at

Are you interested? If yes, please contact Dr. Steve Russ at to register your interest and receive more practical information.

Your tutors for this online session will be Meurig Beynon ( and Nick Pope (

If you have particular, specific interest, or questions, please let us know by email in advance. It may be possible to give a certain amount of one-to-one advice during the workshop.

Plan for the virtual workshop:

14.00  Introduction and instructions for set-up of environment.

14.10 Experiment, interaction, and confirmation of  basic functionality OK for everyone.

14.20 Describing the creation of a construal from scratch – using the ‘Blank construal’. We shall use the example of developing, in real time, a ‘Hangman game’ construal. Please have a good look, in advance, at the Wikipedia article ‘Hangman (game)’.

Our development will proceed semi-automatically, also allowing your own work in response to exercises being given alongside the development.

15.00    What’s New?  P2P, mobile apps, etc, MCE features, VR/AR apps, Arduino +

15.15  Your own construals / ideas (very useful if you can give some advance thought to this), areas of interest, applications etc – more practice with Hangman, other existing construals etc .

15.45  Concluding discussion – how to continue?   Issues arising.

16.00 End




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