C10 SciFest and C13 MCE joint staff training

C10 and C13 refer to two closely synchronised activities that took place at Joensuu in Finland in association with SciFest 2017, a yearly international festival which brings together thousands of schoolkids, high school students, and teachers to discover new experiences and learn about science, technology and the environment.

C10 is actually a workshop-style activity that put our current ideas re making construals to the test with school pupils (targeting age 10-15 and 15+) that participated in Scifest (from 11-13th May 2017)

C13 focuses on the ‘familiarisation with revised MC resources’ that have been under development through the implementation activity O1/A14. At C13, we reviewed the matters arising in the light of feedback from C10 on Sunday and Monday 14-15th May. Topical issues for discussion at C13 relate to the current status and further development of the CONSTRUIT online course, how C10 and the preceding activity C16 in Athens in March-April can contribute to the evaluation activitiy O3/A3, Virtual Workshops and possible dissemination via IGGY.

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