ICL2016 workshop in Belfast

CONSTRUIT! goes to Belfast for the ICL2016 International Conference!

ICL2016 is the 19th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning. It will be held in the Clayton Hotel, Belfast from 21st-23rd September 2016.

A workshop introducing the application of making construals to intercative collaborative learning is going to take place on Tuesday September 20th. The workshop has three core aspects:

  • An overview of making construals, highlighting relevant projects and publications and summarising empirical findings based on experience of interacting with several hundred computer science students, tens of school teachers and pupils, and several educational consultants.
  • Some practical experience of using the environment for making construals for interactive collaborative learning, as illustrated by construals drawn from mathematics, computing (“unplugged”), medicine and music.
  • A final discussion in which participant feedback will be welcomed.

Note: A laptop will be essential if you wish to participate independently in some of the practical activities, but the workshop has been designed to serve as a useful practical introduction to making construals whether or not you have a laptop.

Conference website: http://www.icl-conference.org/icl2016/committees.php


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