C3 learning activity

The C3 learning activity took place in Finland from September 11th-15th 2016.

The focus of C3 was on “experiencing and reflecting on the practical progress on making construals over year 2”.

In summary, the agenda for C3 learning activity included the following components:

  • a review of what has happened in CONSTRUIT! so far
  • an introduction to topics that will underpin the activities in year 3 (for which the key themes are the special qualities of construals as OERs and their topicality in relation to contemporary computing applications)
  • discussion of strategic, management and implementation issues going forward.
  • activities that will help to assess progress towards the project goals and to provoke thinking about construals and their potential applications.

Construit! team has the opportunity to interact with young researchers from UEF and to discuss on how  the computer can help us understand and build common knowledge.

C3 learning activity in pictures

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