Physical computing in Making Construals Environment

Physical computing devices, such as educational robotics and different kind of microcontroller boards are gaining popularity as hands-on learning environments for familiarising student with coding and computer technology in general. Now tools developed at the CONSTRUIT! project, especially js-eden, have been extended to support these devices.

Mr. Tapani Toivonen has finalised his MSc thesis at the School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland. His thesis is titled “Extending Empirical Modelling with a physical computing framework” and it covers technical architecture of a physical computing plug-in for js-eden environment as well as example scenarios and evaluation about usage of the framework.

Screenshot of the robotics simulator

Screenshot of the robotics simulator

The current implementation of the plug-in supports Arduino controlling boards and Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics sets. The plug-in exhibits also a robotics simulator and a machine learning library for integrating Q-Learning agent to teach and control a robot with an artificial neural network.


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