C8 & C11 learning activities

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With the aim of engaging school age pupils in playing with construals and developing some basic understanding and skill in making construals, CONSTRUIT! ideas were presented through a workshop at the 9th SciFest science and technology festival that celebrated UNESCO International Year of Light.

The 9th SciFest science and technology festivaltook place on April 23-25, 2015, at Joensuu, Finland. Five construals were exhibited at the CONSTRUIT! workshop: the Shopping Construal, The Light Box, Hex Grid Colouring, Nim Game and The Piano Keyboard. These construals were made available on a suite of six laptops.

A physical light box designed by Jonathan Foss and constructed by Rod Moore at Warwick was used in conjunction with the Light Box construal.

The three core construals: The Light Box, Hex Grid Colouring and Nim Game had extended presentations associated with them that enabled participants to interact with construals without having to enter text into the input window.

Visitors were encouraged to play with the construals, and gave informal feedback through discussion with the exhibitors. SciFest 2015 attracted the interest of more than 8000 visitors; among them were schoolkids, high school students, and teachers with interest in discovering new experiences and learning about science, technology and the environment.

Note: C8 and C11 refer to two closely synchronised learning activities that took place at Joensuu in Finland in association with SciFest. C8 referes to the workshope described above. C11 refers to a short staff training event that brought contruit! team members together towards the realization of the Construit! workshop at SciFest and the evaluation of the intervention.

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