C1 learning activity

The kick off meeting of CONSTRUIT! project  took place on the 23rd of October 2014 in Warwick (UK) and lasted 5 days. In the context of the meeting the CONSTRUIT! team set an implementation work plan and reviewed project activities.

A significant amount of time was allocated in the familiarization of project members with the ideas underpinning ‘construal making’. An intensive workshop took place with the principal objective to give all members of the project team sufficient background and practical experience to contribute to the design, development and evaluation of the resources for making construals. These resources take the form of a curriculum, an environment and online materials.

This very first workshop engaged project members in a constructive dialogue regarding practical aspects of ‘construal making’, underpinning pedagogical theories and set a basis whereupon future project activities were informed. The overall impact of the workshop was to highlight the challenge faced in relating ‘making construals’ as a new digital skill to pedagogical approaches based on conventional computing concepts.

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